Team Leaders: Are You Ready To Make 2024 Your Biggest Year Ever??

"Give Me Just 90 Minute A Day...

And Over 5 Days I'll Reveal EXACTLY How To

Recruit, Train, & Retain

So Many Elite Agents That You'll Have A Waiting List To Join Your Team."

(These Team Building Strategies Work Regardless Of The Industry Conditions, And Even Better In Competitive Markets...!)

Bootcamp Starts In:

Is This Bootcamp For Me?

YES! The 5-Day “Recruit, Train, & Retain” Bootcamp is for, if you…

...Are struggling to consistently attract great agents that align with your team’s culture and values.

...Are having trouble creating an easy and smooth recruitment process that makes your team look like the best choice in the market.

...Feel like you’re behind in adapting to tech and not leveraging the latest systems and strategies that make growing your team easier.

...Are struggling to establish your team’s brand in a crowded marketplace and compete with larger teams with more resources.

...Are coping with the pressure to meet sales targets, lead gen goals, and revenue needed to keep your team together.

...Are overwhelmed with how to implement the latest marketing strategies to stand out from competitors, both for lead gen, and recruiting agents.

...Have trouble keeping your agents engaged and motivated to follow up with leads so that your lead gen dollars and efforts aren’t wasted.

...Don’t feel like you’re managing time effectively and drowning in responsibilities and tasks, but you're not sure where to put your limited energy so your business can grow more effectively and with less stress.

If you nodded or said “Yes!” to any one of those, then this low-cost 5-day bootcamp is most definitely for you, regardless of your team size.

(Pssst, large team owners... this also sets you up to add ancillary businesses.)

Register Today And Get 5 LIVE Team Building Bootcamp Sessions

so you can finally grow your team and reach your business goals.

What You Can Expect From The 'Recruit, Train, & Retain' Bootcamp!

Before the bootcamp...

  • Agents leaving…

  • Can’t find seasoned agents...

  • Feeling behind on today's strategies...

  • Rocky months, reliant on splits…

  • Not sure what direction to take your real estate business…

After the bootcamp...

  • Motivated agents!

  • Elite agents joining your team!

  • Smooth operations with cutting edge systems!

  • Stable months and better profits!

  • On a path to building wealth!

Look, Leading A Team Is HARD...

Let me show you an easier way that landed my team #1 at Berkshire Hathaway.

If you’re a real estate team leader trying to “juggle it all,” that overwhelming feeling is justified.

Agents are leaving… commission splits are being squeezed… inventory is low and stagnant… interest rates are high and uncertain… marketing is getting complicated… 

And all you wanted to do was lead a team so you could make more money.

You thought you could bring together some other great agents, use your experience to help them sell more, and finally get OUT of production.

And now that you have a handful of agents you find that you still need to sell homes yourself to meet your income needs. If only you had a couple more agents you could start working ON your business, instead of IN it.

Or maybe… you have enough agents to be out of production, but now you have a completely new set of challenges, like, “how to run this team like a real legit business”.

Either way... no one told you that it would be this hard.

The good news is it's simple...

Here's a foundational team building principle that's never failed me or anyone I've taught it to - Agents are the lifeblood of a real estate team’s sales, so if you can master how to recruit, train, and retain agents you’ll be able grow your business as large as you want.

Can you imagine having double, or triple the amount of agents you have now?

You should whip out your phone calculator and do the math. I bet you already know that with a couple more agents your income will be set. But when you grow your team to double the size? You’ll be INVESTING in real estate then!

How much would it mean to you to have that kind of stable income?

What would you do with your family if you didn’t have to worry if you’d make enough splits from your agents this month?

You’ve worked hard selling real estate as an agent and now you know the industry, how to sell homes, and how to show other agents the ropes.

You’re ready to pass on that experience, and look forward to building something bigger than monthly commissions or splits.

That’s why I (Jeff Cohn) and my team put together this 5-day virtual bootcamp, specifically for real estate team leaders who are looking to grow their team and business.

...For team leaders who are struggling to consistently bring in new agents to their team…

...For team leaders who are having trouble finding the time to train agents, while also run the business side of having a team…

...For team leaders who are burnt out and ready for an easier way to build a team.

Because I've been where you are now and I want to help.

So if any of this sounds good to you, then I want to formally invite you to enroll in the “Recruit, Train, & Retain” bootcamp today for only $97.

Learn How To Recruit, Train, & Retain Elite Agents, Regardless Of The Market Conditions Or Local Competition.

When you say “yes” and join this virtual bootcamp, myself and other industry experts will show you, in just 90 minutes a day over 5 days, how to go from feeling worn-out, mentally exhausted, and frustrated about growing your team…

…to the local market leader and real estate investor you were meant to be!

Register Today For Only $97!

That’s only $19.40 per day for expert live team building help!!

The "Recruit, Train, & Retain" Bootcamp Will Walk You Through Step-By-Step

The Proven Process For Growing Your Team...

...In Any Market Condition, Regardless Of Competition.

Here’s What You Can Expect From The 5-Day “Recruit, Train, & Retain” Bootcamp.

Day 1

Navigating The New Age Of Real Estate

From interest rate’s adjusting, to NAR lawsuits, there’s a lot to keep up with in real estate right now. On day one, thought leader Jeff Cohn will bring you up to speed on the biggest shifts in the industry, and how today's industry shifts will affect his team, and yours.

You’ll walk away from today having learned...

  • Is that hope on the horizon? With interest rate dropping, learn how to position your team to capture the lion's share of new inventory.

  • Get in the mind of Jeff Cohn and his vision for a better real estate industry that protects homeowners while providing new, bigger opportunities for real estate professionals.

  • Learn recruitment, training, and retaining strategies that made Jeff's team one of the fastest growing in history, and #1 at BHHS, and how ANY team can implement THIS MONTH.

Presented by Your Host, Jeff Cohn

"Jeff is singular in this space–no-one I have met has a better approach to real estate sales systems. His willingness to share demonstrates his big vision and abundant thinking. If you want to succeed in real estate, Jeff will show you the path, then its up to you to follow or not."

Paul Morris | Broker

Day 2

C.L.A.S.S. - The Pillars Of A Dominant Team

On day two, learn how to set your team up to dominate your local market. Putting your focus and energy on these five pillars is the most effective way to grow your team fast and sustainably.

You’ll walk away from today having learned...

  • Learn how to bring your team together so agents will love working for you and rave about being on your team.

  • Find out what goes on behind the scenes of a top real estate team and how they run operations.

  • Learn the strategies that are working RIGHT NOW to bring in qualified leads, even in a shifting market.

Presented by Your Co-host, Andy Kueny

"Jeff Cohn’s Team Building Workshop is the industry’s most intense, no BS, all-secrets-revealed learning experience. If you want to save an enormous amount of time, energy, and money make the investment in yourself and sign up today!"

Josh Cunningham | Owner, rokrbox

Day 3

The Proven & Successful Way To Train Your Team

On day three, learn how to train and lead your agents to their own success, and your team’s growth. This new proven way to train won’t require all of your time or attention.

You’ll walk away from today having learned...

  • Find out how scaled team leaders are spending less time in training, and more time building their business.

  • Learn how to train so your agents will happily follow up with leads and make your marketing dollars go as far as possible.

  • Discover the new ways team leaders are keeping their agents motivated and proud to be on your team while other teams are lose agents all together.

Presented by Your Co-host, Logan Boyce

"Our industry Is filled with plenty of thought leadership but with little “how to” specifics. Jeff Cohn’s workshop is one of the most system-packed seminars I’ve seen. Agents walk away with the actual tools they need to duplicate Jeff’s unique success. Not to mention Jeff himself is the real deal."

-Tim Heyl | Owner | Heyl Real Estate

Day 4

Building Your Business for Scale

On day four, you’ll learn what simple adjustments you need to set your business up for scale. When you make the conditions right, your business grows before your eyes.

You’ll walk away from today having learned...

  • Learn how to set up your operations in a way that saves time, lowers costs, and increases sales.

  • Discover Ai tools that will help your team’s operations run more smoothly so you can increase volume.

  • Learn the most effective way to generate leads that almost no team ever does, but is super easy.

Presented by Your Co-host, Shawn Quintero

"Wow!! Where do I start? In 2016 my team finished with 135 sides for $30M, and in just one short year we nearly doubled our numbers!
With the help of ERS, we ended with 237 units for just over $57M in production."

Robbie Breaux | Owner

Day 5

Becoming The CEO Of Your Team

On day five learn about the industry altering "CEO Team Leader" Model pioneered by Jeff Cohn, and how to transform your scrappy team of agents into a well run real estate machine that’s ready to add additional streams of revenue.

You’ll walk away from today having learned...

  • Learn how top team leaders are shifting their business to capitalize on today’s major market shifts.

  • Learn the counterintuitive leadership style that can position you as a friend, mentor, leader, and CEO so that agents will stay with you for the long haul.

  • Discover how to earn ownership of ancillary businesses without investing any of your own capital, or giving up your equity to sharks.

Presented by Your Host, Jeff Cohn

"How do you run a team that allows you to net a million bucks and never have to talk to a buyer or seller yourself? Jeff Cohn and Omaha’s Elite do just that. Invest in yourself with this workshop – become stress free and financially free, just like Jeff."

Pat Hiban | Real Estate Thought Leader & Author

Register Today For The 5-Day, 90 Minutes Per Day

“Recruit, Train, & Retain” Virtual Bootcamp And Grow Your Team With A Proven Model

Hosted LIVE January 29th - February 2nd

Noon Central to 1:30PM CST

Only $97!

That’s Only $19.40 Per Day For Expert Live Team Building Help!!

Let's Meet Your Bootcamp "Drill Sergeants"

("Host", or "coach" work too)

Your Host:

Jeff Cohn

Jeff Cohn is your dynamic host. After leading his own team in a meteoric rise to #1 at BHHS, Jeff stepped up to found Elite Real Estate Systems, today’s premier CEO Team Leader coaching program, and zero-risk ancillary business joint-venture opportunity.

Your Co-Host:

Shawn Quintero

Shawn Quintero is an expert abundance mindset coach, has built from scratch and scaled multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses, and is currently Chief Ai Officer, & Chief Operating Officer of Elite Real Estate Systems.

Your Co-Host:

Logan Boyce

Logan Boyce an in-the-trenches Team Leader CEO of his own scaled team. As Elite Real Estate System’s Director of Coaching, he’s going to show you from recent experience how to step up and lead agents to selling more homes.

Your Co-Host:

Andy Kueny

Andy Kueny brings you deep experience from building a top national team out of the rubble of a down market, and serves as Elite Real Estate Systems Lead Coach for PoweredBy teams, our premier business-in-a-box & zero-risk JV opportunity for established teams.

Are You Ready To Grow Your Team??

Now Is Your Chance To Learn Directly From The Best In The Industry.

Register Today For Only $97

Here's Everything You Get When You Sign Up For The...

'Recruit, Train, & Retain' Bootcamp!

  • 5 days of real estate business transformation, including easy-to-follow strategies to help you grow your team, increase profits, and build wealth!

  • Recordings of each day so you can reference back to all the tips, strategies, insights, and details ( which Ai tool top teams are training their agents on to make listings pop and generate more leads)

  • Elite Real Estate System’s 100 Day Playbook, so you can walk away knowing what to do on day one after the bootcamp to grow your team.

One Time Offer Bonuses!

  • BONUS! LIVE Q&As with your hosts after each session to get your specific team building questions answered.

  • BONUS! The "Elite Roadmap To Building A Dominant Team", our 9 step strategy that consistently helps our coaching students dominate their local markets.

  • BONUS! Elite Real Estate System's Lead Generation Guide. Use the same SOP that gives our internal team above average lead conversion rates.

  • BONUS! Invitation to the private Real Estate Team Building mastermind where you can hang with others who understand and talk shop with other team owners.


Today: ONLY $97


5-Day Virtual Event: The Recruit, Train, & Retain Bootcamp for Real Estate Team Leaders


January 29th - Feb 2nd, 2024 @ Noon Central until 1:30PM Central (90 minutes per bootcamp day)


Because it’s time to transform your team into a business and capitalize on today’s market shift.

Now’s The Time To Get Off The Sidelines And Join The Elite…

Register For The 'Recruit, Train, & Retain' Bootcamp Today!

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